Demons et Merveilles

This page is a hommage to the brand Demons et Merveilles. This page is in no way affiliated to the company Demons et Merveilles and/or in other parties/people/entities affiliated with Demons et Merveilles. 

This page has been opened on 15-9-2022. And it is a work in proces. Visit us regularly for updates about your favorite brand; Demons et Merveilles. 
Demons et Merveilles is founded by Iasabelle Ponzone and Olivier Diolot-Niedergang in 1985. With their unique style and high quality, they have created a company that would exist till 2006. In this time they have brought joy to collectors worldwide. 

With licenses of brands like; Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Hanna-Barbera, Dreamworks, Felix the Cat productions, Turner Entertainment, Binet Christiand, Fox and more, they have made collectibles for every kind of person. 
A lot of collectibles created by Demons et Merveilles are created with a comedy like style. If you look at the statue you see a entertaining scéne with your favorite character(s). 

Take for example the extremely rare statue of the Tasmanian Devil on the Empire State Building. This is based on the classic movie; King Kong, by Warner Bros. But where King Kong was attacked by real airplanes, the Tasmanian Devil is being attackt by paper planes and yes; He has caught one. 
Demons et Merveilles has not only created collectibles from all kind of brands and characters, they also created all kind of different collectibles. Among other statues, tableware, clocks, lamps, books, picture frames, candle stands and much more. 
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