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Vintage Demons et Merveilles collectibles

Are you a aficionado of rare collectibles? Do you wish to finally find that one collectible you always have been looking for? Are you looking for that unique, personal touch in your home? A unique gift is also easily found here.

Demons et Merveilles was founded in 1985 and they have created collectibles till 2006. In all their years they have created some true artworks. And these are coveted by collectors worldwide. In honor of these we have re-opened up their old webshop and made it a store dedicated to vintage collectibles of Demons et Merveilles.

You will find here only collectibles created by Demons et Merveilles. These collectibles are made with licenses of brands like; Walt Disney, Warner Bros, King Features, Turner Entertainment, Les Bidochons, Felix, Hanna-Barbera, Fox and more.

King Features

With the license of King Features, Demons et Merveilles was able to create collectibles from your all time favorite lady; Betty Boop. 

Nothing says vintage like Betty Boop, created by Max Fleischer in 1930. Betty Boop is known by people of all ages worldwide and just as populair today as she was almost 100 years ago.

Turner Entertainment

Founded in 1986, Turner Entertainment is a company with much history. Demons et Merveilles obtained the license of Turner Entertainment and created collectibles of your favorite characters. Think Wolf, Red Riding Hood, Droopy, Tom and Jerry.

A lot of these magnificent collectibles represent a specific scene from a specific cartoon. This makes these collectibles the fysical manifestation of your favorite moments.

Warner Bros

Demons et Merveilles has created many collectibles in license of Warner Bros. Not only from your favorite Looney Tunes characters, but also from characters like Harry Potter. A lot of these collectibles have been made with a twist to another Warner Bros movie.

For example the Tasmanian Devil climbing the Empire State Building, holding a paper plane in his hands. This specific statue where only 2.000 pieces created worldwide.

Walt Disney

Demons et Merveilles has created countless collectibles in license of Walt Disney. And they not only created statues but also books, candle stands, lamps, picture frames and much more.

In 1996 Demons et Merveilles obtained Statuco. This company was a restart of Delarue-Picard 1885, which was founded in 1984. Some of the original designs from Delarue-Picard 1984 where produced again by Demons et Merveilles.

And more

Demons et Merveilles has also created collectibles in license of countless brands. In time we will make a entire list of all the brands the had licenses from. 

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