Demons et Merveilles

History of Demons et Merveilles

IN 1985 Isabelle Ponzone and Olivier Diolot-Niedergang founded Demons et Merveilles. These two artist created their first sculpture for Demons et Merveilles in 1986. In 2006 Demons and Merveilles stopped. In the 20 years history that Demons et Merveilles has, they have produced countless items.

Items created by Demons et Merveilles where among others; Statues, Pewter Figurines, Candlesticks, Bookends, Chess Games, Lamps. Photo Frames,3D Photo Frames,3D Resin Clocks, Watches, Alarm Clocks, Clocks, Oil Lighters, Screenprinted Glass Lamps, Tin Boxes, Enamel Ware, Cut Out Cardboards, Posters, Mouse Pads, Postcards, Pens, Art Books, Tie Bars, Key Chains, PVC Figurines, Pins and more.

Several of these items where produced in numbered limited editions and came with certification of authenticity. A lot of the other statues where produced in the following quantities:

1. 200 to 500 pieces
2. 500 to 1000 pieces
3. 1000 a 2000 pieces
4. 2001 a 3000 pieces
5. 3001 a 5000 pieces
6. 5001 a 10000 pieces
7. 10001 a 20000 pieces

As you can see of a lot of statues there where not many produced. When you take in consideration the fragility of the items and the age (latest 2006 is today in 2022, 16 years old), you can see why many statues have become so rare. 

Demons et Merveilles has produced items in license of Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Harvey Entertainment, Milo Manara, L'íle aux enfants, Vents dÓuest, Harvey Comics, Turner Entertainment, EM. Entertainment, Felix the Cat productions and much more. 

With all their licenses and their (as it seem) endless creativity Demons et Merveilles has brought joy to people all around. And many of these items are coveted by collectors worldwide till this day. 

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